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Employee Benefits
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We provide a comprehensive coverage to protect your company’s most valuable asset – Employees. There are different types of group insurance that your company can choose from for your employees. With the right coverage purchased, you and your employees will be assured of financial stability should they suffer any misfortunate accident. We are able to negotiate for an attractive Group Rating as long as you are with us.


  • Worldwide 24-hour Protection/Emergency Assistance
  • Easy admission, free choice of hospital, cashless admission (Available at selected insurer plan)
  • Unlimited cover for emergency medical evacuation & repatriation, travel assistancev
  • Full coverages on surgical fees
  • No deductible
  • No Co-Insurance
  • Per-Disability Coverage

Group Outpatient Clinical insurance offers quality and convenient services for both the employer and employees.


  • Access to islandwide clinic panel for GP Consultation benefits
  • Eradicate the hassle of monthly reimbursement to employees or clinics